Neil Firth

How can we help your business grow?

It’s important that any coaching or training achieves the results you need within your business. As everything we do is totally client focused, we will customise our courses or individual sessions so that we can achieve all of your required goals.

We can run sessions with individuals, management teams or groups with up to 40 or more people. There really is no limit. It’s your course, you decide what will work best for your business.

Here is just a flavour of some of the workshops we can offer:

  • Individuals one to one personal coaching (Skype sessions available)
  • Small groups 2-20 people
  • Large groups 21-40 people
  • Conferences Unlimited

Some of the things we will work on:

  • Improving breathing techniques
  • Building confidence
  • Improving posture
  • Physical presentation skills
  • Vocal stamina
  • Voice projection, enunciation and clarity
  • Leadership skills
  • Teamwork in an environment outside your comfort zone


Even if you’re just looking for a motivational, vocal and physical work out before or after work or during your lunch hour, then we can help put a programme together for your workforce.

Head to our ‘contact us’ page now and complete the form for session prices and more information on how we can help your business.