Neil Firth

Workplace Choirs – Harmony at Work

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sing in a choir but never had the time or opportunity?

Well, being part of a workplace choir will give you this exact opportunity. Instead of using up your valuable family time in the evenings or weekends, you can use your end of day wind down, lunch break or breakfast time wind up instead.

Many businesses are beginning to realise the benefits of having workplace choirs, not least because they are great for improving teamwork, employee morale and productivity, but because they are simply great fun!

A good sing with your colleagues in the morning before you start work can totally invigorate you, like a workout at the gym, and set you up for the day ahead. At lunchtime it can serve as a welcome distraction from the woes of the day, and in the evening, as a great wind down after a hard day.

When you sing, all your worries disappear, even that niggling back or knee pain seems to be forgotten as you disappear into a world of music making.

We will lead your choir and supply all the music and learning materials so that you can be singing in a matter of days from now.

Start your plans for a workplace choir today by going to our ‘contact us’ page and entering your details. We’ll get back to you with all the information you need in order to set the ball rolling towards having a great choir at work.