Neil Firth

Proof that our techniques for controlling nerves and improving public speaking skills really work

The Cottontown Chorus is one of the outstanding examples of choral discipline and communication at its most impressive. Few people can grasp the extraordinary finesse and commitment, not to mention hours of practice that comprise an outstanding choir in this genre. Barbershop singing represents teamwork, good leadership, attention to detail and interpretation of emotion beyond all other endeavours.
I applaud Neil Firth and the Cottontown Chorus for a year of excellence and contribution to our rich choral heritage.

Suzi Digby OBE, Judge, BBC 1 Last Choir Standing, BBC Radio3 Choir of the Year

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to increase confidence, teamwork and presentation skills.

Dulcie Williams, Managing Director, Smart Train Ltd

I would like to express my gratitude. Apart from being great fun, the vocal workshop broke down a lot of barriers and allowed us all to get to know the “real” person behind the employees and colleagues that we take for granted.

I was surprised by the camaraderie and bonding that occurred during a relatively short space of time and the confidence generated, especially in those who would normally appear shy.

I would recommend this workshop to any company wanting to build relationships between their employees and create confidence by overcoming their fears.

I look forward to our next event.

Nigel Kearney, Managing Director, GP Financial Services Ltd.

Neil Firth is clearly an outstanding talent. By applying his tried and trusted vocal coaching methods to corporate training, he’s created an innovative course that not only teaches valuable techniques for presentations and confidence building, but also leaves the participants enthused and bonded.

Helen McCormick, Words Beginning With H

Neil Firth is a first-class vocal coach.  His gentle but insistent desire to get his clients to achieve their very best vocal rendition is underpinned with an innate ability to sense the needs of both beginners and the more experienced, inspiring the less confident to produce rich and mellow sounds.  Knowing just how the vocal mechanism works and how to use natural resonance enables him to concentrate on achieving good posture and excellent vocal delivery.

David Parkinson, David Parkinson & Associates

Harmony college was a blast and, with Neil coaching us, I knew in the first half hour that we were in for something special!

The whole weekend was focused on our sound and the way we produced it, in an easy to understand way. No techie talk – just how to do it. Our quartet went in with one sound and came out of the other totally different and ringing chords like mad.

My e-mail strap line is ‘close harmony you can feel’ and boy, can you feel it now!!!

Norman Lilley, AWOL Quartet

Neil’s enthusiasm, knowledge and experience, coupled with his ability to pick up on relevant issues and create a relaxed and informal atmosphere, has helped us to take a further step towards realising the quartet’s full potential.
Thanks again.

Richard Skilton, Meltdown Quartet